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Drawing inspiration from artists such as Sigur Ros, Thomas Newman, Coldplay, Doves, Moby, Bjork and Yann Tiersen, My Northern Sky's Christopher Ryman has awoken sounds and stories that are uniquely and obviously his. This is no more apparent than in My Northern Sky’s debut album, Glasswing. Fly, at it’s most simple, the story of a boy and his battle to the much longed-for promised land of freedom.

Indeed, Glasswing. Fly is more a soundtrack to a film (than it is an album), the storyline of which Christopher tells through defining tracks and scenes, like chapters in a book.

Christopher’s ability to make room for silence as much his ability to weave together threads of moments and sounds, can often leave you dreaming film-like reflections. This musical slant, together with his distinctive voice – a beautiful vocal of rich tones and heartfelt expression that the BBC once described as “the voice of an angel… innocently flying to its falsetto on frail wings, but with the power to hit the listener like a juggernaut" – makes Christopher an artist we will hear of in a lot more environments than one; from film and television to a full band on stage to an intimate acoustic solo gig.

Whereas Glasswing. Fly represents a clear change in direction and explores the bigger sound Christopher has been longing to explore ever since his days with Cardiff-band Westgate Street came to an end, it was the Irish acoustic scene that Christopher (playing under the name Ginosko) had been playing until he moved back to the UK in 2011 and lay down his guitar, in preference for his first-love the piano and the piano through a laptop.

Pre-My Northern Sky, saw Christopher share the same billing with some of Ireland’s most popular acts Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan, Jamie Lawson, Declan O’Rourke, Ann Scott and Mick Flannery.

Now back on home soil, Christopher has started to make inroads into the British music scene, with a "one to watch" review on BBC Radio 6 and invites to play BBC Introducing stages and festivals.


: Music :

Glasswing. Fly

by My Northern Sky

Glasswing. Fly is My Northern Sky's debut album.

Written as a soundtrack to a film, the story tells of a boy whose dream it is to take to the skies and fly.

"I absolutely love My Northern Sky's work...a real cinematic soundscape of an album."  BBC 6 Music

"An exceptional album...very mature, refined, loved, classy, multi-textural, multi-tonal, colourful, emotional."  Vanessa James, Film Composer

"In short it is an album of mesmerising aesthetic beauty..." 
Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

"Absolutely breathtaking."  BBC Introducing


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