Blog : Maybe It Was All Of The Above

Maybe it was because of the journey I was on and I just couldn’t see an end in sight – anywhere. Maybe it was seeing my best friend staring at a dead end, not knowing which way to turn and me not knowing how to help. Maybe it was just life itself and knowing the strangers I walked past everyday as well as those I’m closest to, have all come to a standstill with nowhere else to go.

Maybe it was all of the above.

Old War Horse.

Simple as the lyrics are to Old War Horse, the heartcry is one that all of us at some point have heard or will hear rise up from within.

And perhaps that’s just it. Without realising it, that pain and finding empathy has simply risen to the surface when people have listened to it.

Music can be a real refuge at times, a place where we can find empathy and feel understood.  Where isolation is bridged and hope, if only ever so slightly, reignited.

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