I Love This : Anna Hryniewicz’s Exhibition with My Northern Sky Album, Glasswing. Fly

Sky Over The Bay (by Anna Hryniewicz)
Sky over the bay (Anna Hryniewicz)

So, one of my hopes with my debut album, Glasswing. Fly, was that it would be used in other projects such as films, animation, exhibitions. So, imagine my excitement when a Dublin-based Polish artist, Anna Hryniewicz, got in touch to say she would love to play Glasswing. Fly at her exhibition launch in Dublin. “Of course”, I said.

The exhibition is called The Journey and launches on Saturday 28 June, 2014, 5pm (free admission) at POSK, Dublin 2.

Sky Structures (Anna Hryniewicz)
Sky structures (Anna Hryniewicz)

At the launch, Anna will present her new, poetry-inspired abstract paintings (acrylics on canvas), an unusual record of a journey into imagination, where she encounters and visualizes her own thoughts and emotions.

Having listened to Glasswing. Fly, Anna thought it would work so well for people to look at her pieces while the album was playing…”Glasswing. Fly touched me very much and spoke to me in a really unique way,” said Anna, “it will really make the atmosphere on the launch evening, where the skyscape and soundscape together express the beauty of the world.”

Anna studied art at Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, Poland, and began to exhibit in 2000.

Things on the shelf (Anna Hryniewicz)
Things on the shelf (Anna Hryniewicz)

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Dublin on the 28 June, or any time while the exhibition is on, why don’t you drop in? 🙂

Venue Polish Social and Cultural Association POSK. Address 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2.

Exhibition open times 28 June 5-8pm; 29 June 1-6pm; 5/6 July 1-6pm;  12 July 1-5pm only. Please ring bell when the security doors are closed.

For more information visit www.poskdublin.org or www.annahryniewicz.com