My Artist of The Moment : Iona Maclean

Iona Maclean

Iona Maclean is the founder and heart behind TMC Artists and TheMusiCommunity that brings together a broad spectrum of talented artists – from film makers to songwriters, fashion designers to scupltors (and so on!) –  into community to support and celebrate one another and turn dreams into realities.

Iona, it’s very lovely to have you with us, please introduce yourself.

Thank you so much for having me! I’m Iona Maclean, I’m the founder and MUMMA behind TMC Artists and TheMusiCommunity. I am also a pop soul singer and have been for 18years…so I’m old in the music world.

So, you’re the heart behind TMC Artists and TheMusiCommunity. How did this all happen?

Seven years ago when I was in Kansas City on my way to LA I got the vision to start this big creative company and community to look after artists, to nurture and support them, to bring them together and help them make money out of their art. It is music, film, art, fashion, photography, writing and design. The vision is to make the arts more fair trade, to find some of the best artists around the world and develop their talent, connect them and grow together. It has become quite exciting over the years as we see artists grow and learn how to be non-competitive but much more successful at the same time as giving to other people and investing in other artists. That is what’s really important to me, to help artists to become multi-faceted and outward focused while becoming the best artists they can be!

Why have you spent so many hours doing what you do?

I am passionate about creatives! I love artists’ hearts and what they feel called to, right from beneath their skin and make it into their artform and share it with the world. Life is hard as a creative as life is not just perfunctory but there is almost another level where they are trying to bring beauty and ideas and pain and passion out of their hearts to create a new world from the inside out! Artists can be so fragile and we need them in our society in order to function fully. Art brings such life to all of us whether in a song which expresses something, art which moves us, fashion which helps us express ourselves, design that explains a brand or concept, writing that inspires and transports us, films that entertain us, photography that shares places and things we might never otherwise see.

I want to find the beautiful little weirdos that would otherwise be creating in their bedrooms and go undiscovered, un-nurtured and unsupported, as I believe a lot of incredible talent from this generation is going to seed without the proper support! I love these guys and we are growing every day, learning how to do community, being the glue to support each other and we dream out dreams and create what we were made to! It’s my passion as well as my job…haha!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

The struggle had always been financial because it takes so much work to take an artist at the beginning to the point where there is any money in it for us. That’s hard as I have a big responsibility.

What do you think makes The MusiCommunity special?

Well, we have an artist in every art form, every genre from LA to NYC to London and even China. We are almost a one-stop shop for both creatives and people who love anything from music to film, etc and we can provide any creative service for companies or charities or even the individual. It hasn’t really been done before, certainly not on this scale!

What and who inspires you?

Well, I’m always inspired by my faith to give to people and love and nurture them and see the possibility in their dreams to make those a reality. My family are also my biggest inspiration as they are all the best creatives I know with an incredible integrity and heart…passion underlies our family and loving really honestly and well!

From all the ups and downs you’ve experienced, what would you say to others who carry hopes and dreams?

I would say “Look, we’re made for something…it isn’t always the first affirmation that will will stick forever but to keep going and learning and nurturing other people around you. To think of others as well as your dream…as we can’t do this life alone…it’s too hard and too lonely. Do courses that will help you on your way, like The Music Business School at the London School of Sound if you’re a musician or music business professional…our any number of things to support your art and dreams. Talk to people who are successful. Ask for help and give equal amounts. Be good to people, don’t manipulate – it’ll always come back and bite you! Be honourable and true to your passion and things will start to work and you may even find that you have a community that you never even expected to have!

The MusiCommunity, ten years from now…what do you imagine?

I think TMC Artists will have big studios and offices in NYC, London and hopefully LA…that we will have changed the culture for creatives to be accepted as they are making a lot of features and big records and launching artists on the biggest stages around the world, while nurturing each individual for who they are! Being known for love and excellence!

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