My Artist of the Moment : Richard Childs

Richard Childs

Richard Childs is co-founder of Tiny Ark, a motion picture company based in Dublin, Ireland.

So, Richard, for those of us who’ve not had the pleasure of meeting you before, tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Richard. I’m 27. I live in Dublin, Ireland and I’m getting married to Kim this year. She’s brilliant.

What is it about motion picture that you love?
I went through a period a while ago where I actually wasn’t sure what I loved about it. I was talking to a friend over a beer one evening and explaining my thoughts about how the concept of pretending on screen is kind of absurd and yet we’re obsessed with it and spend loads of money on it. He said ‘It’s simple Richie, the ancient art of storytelling. It’s in our DNA, we just love it’.

Who, in the film & television industry, has inspired you on your journey?
It will always be Steven Spielberg. For me he is simply the greatest film maker of all time. He’s managed to achieve such a diverse body of work. A lot of Directors have a knack for a particular genre. He can do it all. Fantasy adventure in E.T, horror in Jaws, drama in Schindler’s List, war epics in Saving Private Ryan. Genius.

I also love the use of light in film just as much as I love the story itself. My hat goes off to Conrad L. Hall. He shot American Beauty and Road to Perdition. Not only was his lighting perfect, but his method on set was to make his light setups as unobtrusive as possible for the cast and crew. So he would hide is lights under clothes or behind props where they would go unnoticed as opposed to big ugly lighting stands and rigs etc. Really amazing.

You are a co-founder of Tiny Ark…Who or what is Tiny Ark?
Tiny Ark is something that started in the spare room of a bungalow and is now located in the heart of Dublin City. We’re a video agency/production company. We make Web Ads, TV Ads, Documentaries, Music Videos. If it’s video, we’ll do it!

What would you say has been Tiny Ark’s biggest challenge in establishing itself in the film & television industry?
One of the biggest challenges is maintaining the quality of your product as you grow and become busier. It’s the whole Jerry Maguire mentality. Jerry decides in order to give a better service he needs to have ‘fewer clients, less money’ so he can serve them better. I feel we’ve kept a tight grasp on this stuff. There are many times we go above and beyond for our clients even when it has cost us more, but we do it for the sake of giving them the best. Even when they don’t appreciate it. It’s an ongoing discussion…

Personally, what has been your biggest challenge in your pursuit of your dream to create motion picture?
Learning how to be an artist and a business owner. It’s not a dynamic that comes easy for me. I run Tiny Ark with the greatest business partners I could ask for though. They inspire and motivate me to be better all the time in what I do, both business and art.

Whatever your line of work it’s essential to have a team of people who aren’t just good at their jobs but that look out for each other too.

What has been your most satisfying project to date? Why?
I always go back to the video we made for Oxegen Music Festival in 2011. It was kind of our big break. We got a lot of attention and phone calls after that. Some of our friends cried when they watched it too which was weird but nice.

Looking ahead, let’s say 10 or so years time, what would you like to be in the middle of doing?
Hanging out with my wife and kids on a beach in South Africa. (Where Kim’s from)

Do you have a parting line of wisdom for others in pursuit of their dreams…
Yeah, read the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Full of wisdom. You won’t be disappointed.

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