My Artist Of The Moment : Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan is founder of Creatives Hub whose mission is to help as many creatives as possible get rid of the shackles of procrastination, break out of fear, grow in confidence and get stuff done.

Richard, please tell us more about yourself…

I love creativity, technology and philosophy and the connection between all three. I have a degree in Media Production Management – in the days before the web was connecting us as it is today.

I enjoy crafting websites for small businesses and individuals. I’m currently on my second draft of a sci-fi novella that I aim to finish this year. I run three podcasts (all under Creatives Hub umbrella). I’ve always loved audio, so this is a great passion of mine to produce these and get to interview many interesting people. I keep pretty busy running other aspects of Creatives Hub too including our quarterly live event in London for all creatives.

You’re the founder of Creatives Hub – how did it all come about?

Long story or short!? The short version is that I got made redundant from a job I’d been in for four years. I was freelancing as a designer on the side anyhow so it wasn’t as big an issue as it could have been. However, with other things happening in my life at the time, I quickly went from connecting with many other people on a weekly basis to pretty much one or two. It wasn’t healthy for me as I was also living on my own at the time and as human beings we need to be regularly connected with others.

I took myself off to some networking meetings and it transformed everything. I met one person who co-hosted one of the events, who told me some stuff I needed to hear and encouraged me to get my ideas off the ground. As I still hadn’t found the right kind of meeting or group I was looking for, with her help I set one up – Creatives Hub! The longer story involves ideas I had kicking around for over a decade to help other creatives get their ideas off the ground too – not just mine! We’re on the right track, but we’ve so much more to do.

What differences have you seen Creatives Hub make to people?

I’ve seen people start up projects that they – like me – had been trying for years to get going. Through lack of confidence, motivation, the right timing or even the right people around them, it hadn’t worked or they’d not managed to see much progress.

Creatives Hub – especially the mini-hubs, the monthly accountability groups, help keep you focused on your ideas having your fellow members helping you through any problems and issues you have. It works as we only accept people who have the desire to help others just as much as receiving help themselves. It’s not just about take, take, take, but giving is just as important.

More specifically, we’ve seen music singles released, albums published, books written, events organised, articles penned, videos made, and so much more.

As a creative yourself, what has been one of your biggest challenges to date?

Getting over myself. The biggest thing stopping me is myself. Whether that’s lack of confidence, lack of motivation, getting distracted. Either way, for me to get over that – which needs to happen daily – is my biggest challenge.

As a visionary, what are the most important things you have learned along the way to seeing a vision/dream be realized?

You have to start. I speak to so many people who share with me their ideas but who haven’t got going on it yet for no sound reason. We can come up with so many irrational excuses. The biggest one is that of ‘I don’t have enough time’. 99% of the time, that’s complete rubbish. The issue is twofold here.

Firstly, there’s a mindset that suggests the only way this idea will work is if you have days or weeks on end to achieve it. Of course this is difficult for most of us to get that time. However, if you change the mindset to ‘What can I do to further my project in 15 minutes a day?’ that changes everything. It’s what enabled me to write the first draft of my sci-fi novella in 2013 when I’d been struggling with it since 2010. It works.

The second issue is that of priorities. If something is a priority for you, you will find solutions to all the challenges that come your way. And believe me they’ll come! If you can set your project as a priority, get started in a small way and make steady regular progress you can achieve far more than you thought was possible.

Who and what inspires you?

God is my ultimate inspiration. Looking around at the complexity of everything from the human body to the sun and other stars, it’s awesome to be able to know something of the author of it all. The beautiful poetry in the book of Job in the Bible, especially chapters 38-40 says it all for me. I encourage anyone to read it and get some perspective in life.

10 years from now, what does it look like?

Interesting question. I have my head more in what it’s going to look like 150 years from now with my novella! But back to 10 years, 2024, I’d love to see many mini-hubs all around the world helping people make stuff happen. Helping to get rid of all the procrastination we do and sometimes let’s be honest – avoidance strategies – and actually achieve some of those ideas that have been kicking around for years. Some of those ideas sitting latent in us may be world changers. Who knows. But even if they’re not, it’s still important to take a risk and make them happen.

I’d love to see Creatives Hub with a premises that can act as a physical hub to connect even more of us together providing inspiration to ignite our lives.



At the moment I love this…

Ok. A bit bizarre, but with my research for my novella, I’ve been looking at bendy TV’s! Seriously. Love it!

And I’m listening to this…

Hmmm… Mostly to Glasswing. Fly. at the moment! Not just saying that. It’s true!