Jonty Herman / Artist of the Moment

Jonty is a very gifted storyteller who tells many stories through motion picture. Take five…this is a very good read… So, Jonty, for those of us who’ve not had the pleasure of meeting you before, please introduce yourself… I tell stories- I think they’re the most powerful force in the world. I was about 6 […]

Robin Mitchell / Artist of the Moment

Robi Mitch is a very gifted songwriter and storyteller who has a lovely ability to effortlessly express himself through a diverse range of styles. Robi, it’s lovely to have you with us. Please tell us more… Hi Chris, it’s lovely to be with you! For those who don’t know me, I’m based out of Bristol […]

Iona Maclean

Iona Maclean is the founder and heart behind TMC Artists and TheMusiCommunity that brings together a broad spectrum of talented artists – from film makers to songwriters, fashion designers to scupltors (and so on!) –  into community to support and celebrate one another and turn dreams into realities. Iona, it’s very lovely to have you […]

I love this. Although this article focuses on musicians, there is an underlying principle here for us all…Times have changed. Whatever your slant, interest or love, read on…there’s something for everyone – whether it’s for you or for someone you know. This article is taken from Why your age doesn’t have to hold you […]