Blog : When Deep Cries Out To Deep

One Sunday morning, I woke up to this message in the My Northern Sky inbox…

“Last night I was driving home from rehearsals. I’m a dancer, and at the moment I’m due to fly out to India for a show – one which is very commercial, and very different to the dance that I really love. Therefore, on my journey home I was battling with myself, trying to talk my head around to the fact that it’s only a job, and that maybe one day the work I create in my own time will be the work I am able to perform and earn my income from. But altogether, I was feeling pretty frustrated, and pretty exhausted.

Then, out of nowhere, I fall across new sounds on the radio. As I casually flicked through radio channels, I came across your music being played on Radio Berkshire. And my whole heart and soul relaxed, and uplifted – a physical feeling of relief. Because here was music that connected to me. Here was music that matched how I truly dance, and how I feel. And here it was, being played out to listeners of the radio. Thank you for making this music, changing my perspective yesterday evening, and reminding me to push through for what I know to be right. I’m now full of ideas, and have spent most of last night writing and sketching them down.

I just thought you should know, really.”

I was blown away.

The idea that someone happened to be driving through the area, flicking through the radio channels at the very moment my song was being played on local radio – a song that is only 3 or so minutes long – and then to not only listen to it, but be somewhat transformed by it…

And it didn’t stop there.

After exchanging one or two emails with this new fan, what had initially begun as a change of perspective, went further…she had now decided it was time to quit what she was doing and pursue being true to herself and where her heart really was…

One of the things that strikes me the most about this story is that when writing the album Glasswing. Fly, the biggest battle I had – and it certainly was a big, big battle at times – was ensuring that I was being true to myself and not being concerned with things like whether the piece of music or the song that I was writing was radio-friendly or followed ‘the songwriting formula’.

Put simply, I had to create the music true to who I am and true to how I express myself, irrespective of whether anyone would like it or if it was seen as ‘acceptable’.

Was this – being true to who I am, true to how I express myself – me being at my most beautiful? And is it this beauty that resonated with this new fan, deep crying out to deep?

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